Heat Pumps (HVAC & Domestic Hot Water)

Here are twoof three condensers for this project: one is dedicated to the ducted heat pumps on the ground floor, and the other is for mini-split heads located on the middle floor. The third unit supplies the ducted system on the 3rd floor. All in all, it's an onsite non-fossil fuel approach to heating and cooling.

For non-ducted heat pumps, we install mini-split heads which gently blow heat or cooling into the room. An ideal solution when running ducting is not an option. They can also be individually zoned so each room can have a separate temperature. These units also come as floor-mounted options.

Installing ducting is an art, and careful craftsmanship is an art form. Proper duct sealing and insulation are musts to get the most out of your system.

This is an air source hot water tank (ASHW). It functions by taking energy from the air and heats water instead of air for an HVAC system. They are 2x-3 times more efficient than burning gas and/or a standard electric hot water tank.

Heat pumps are 2.5-3x more efficient than fossil fuel burning equipment. New England has the lowest carbon footprint for producing electricity in the country. Why burn fossil fuels?