Insulation and Air Sealing

One of our tools we use to evaluate the energy use of a home is an Infrared camera study. This lets us see if heat is leaking out of a home and helps us address under-insulated areas of the home.

A blower door simulates a ten m.p.h. wind on a home by depressurizing the home. This, in combination with an infrared camera and a "smoke stick," lets us see the incoming air. This makes it very easy to identify and plug air leaks.

What does a delicious dinner and a home have in common? They both are a result of great prep! We pay a lot of attention to air sealing, insulation, and waterproofing on our builds. This greatly increases comfort and reduces heat or cooling loss.

Insulation is the best bang for buck solution to keep your home comfortable and reduce energy waste, serving as the first line of defense. We prioritize cellulose insulation over foam insulation as it aligns with our commitment to a low carbon approach. However, we do utilize specialized low carbon foams as well.

We consult with building scientists and energy experts to help you access rebates from MassSave, as well as state and federal tax incentives. This approach allows you to offset project costs and stretch your budget for a more comprehensive energy-efficient project.

The key to it all. A well insulated and airtight house requires less energy to heat and cool.