Made to Look As If We Were Never Here

We added a primary suite over the old kitchen addition; installed windows on the gable end of the original house on both the first and second floors; and extended the bathroom dormer to enlarge the guest bedroom. Plus, we rebuilt the failing side porch.

Say goodbye to wiggly handrails and rot! With new handrails, trim, and a fresh coat of paint, we're elevating the curbside appeal to new heights.

Brightening up every step! We added a skylight above the staircase to flood the stairway with natural light. The home is now functional and beautifully lit.

Our original reason for work on this home: a new, spacious primary suite flooded with natural light. Check out the skylight above the bed—a great way to brighten your days. We also added a luxurious bathroom featuring a 66"tub for that ultimate relaxation experience.

Our custom-built hutch caters to serious gamers, seamlessly integrated into the farm house interior. And that's not all—we maximized the storage with a double-wide closet complete with shelves for all the gaming gear and more. Let the adventures begin!

Updating convenience! We brought the laundry up from the basement and added a linen closet outside the primary suite. with sound insulation lining the laundry closet walls and floor, we are ensuring peace and quiet throughout the home.

We relocated an existing powder room from the middle of the dining area to the exterior corner, creating a more functional layout. Plus, we added an additional window on the left for added natural light and ambiance. The spacious dining room is perfect for entertaining guests and enjoying post-dinner games.

Our client fell in love with these accent tiles, so we made sure to incorporate them into the design. A collection of old horror movie posters adorn the walls. The home truly reflects the clients' unique personality and style.

Our aim? To create the ultimate primary suite addition above the existing kitchen. We didn’t stop there—dormering an existing bedroom and adding windows brought new life to the space. On the first floor, we reimagined the layout, relocating the powder room and maximizing storage, including a custom games cabinet. And the best part? We seamlessly integrated everything into the existing cottage style, all while navigating the challenges of the smallest corner lot ever!

Before and After

We found the home short on space and in need of repairs.

We added a primary suite over the kitchen and spruced up the structure.

Our neighbors spoke highly of the crew’s friendliness and consideration. They also mentioned how much they love the look of the house with the changes and we agree! It’s a testament to Steveworks that the house has retained its character and structure along with the expansion of our space.

Gil and Laura, Cambridge