No Gas here!

The kitchen is the heart of the home! Featuring an induction cooktop and a double oven, it's equipped for the family's culinary adventures. The island comfortably seats a family of five, complete with a convenient microwave drawer opposite the dishwasher. And guess what? No gas here—just modern, efficient appliances for a sustainable kitchen

We bumpd out the original dining room creating a family room, and combined it with the kitchen. Now, kids and adults alike can enjoy each other’s company while dinner is being prepared, or settle in to watch a movie without having to travel far for popcorn.

Transforming spaces! In the kitchen, we repurposed the area that once housed the chimney for the old oil heating system into a functional storage haven. Our designer lined the three walls with shelves and their trademark "basket," ensuring everything is in plain sight and easy to access.

This kitchen was at the heart of our “We Cut the Gas Project.” Featuring an induction stove, double convection ovens, and a family-sized island with plenty of storage. Plus, we added a large shelf-lined pantry for extra organization.

Before and After

Cramped, dark, and gas!
All-electric and much more functional

The design that was thoughtful and practical, with consideration for the realities of how we would live in the space ...

Matt & Meagan, Newton