Goals: a roof over the front stoop plus a spot to sit and enjoy the wildflower garden.

Quick 2 Step!

  • Side View
    Our brief: a roof over the entry and a place to sit and admire the wildflower garden
  • Front View
  • Front Door
    We rebuilt the front rickety steps and added a sturdy roof to protect visitor from snow sliding off the solar panels.
  • Stair View
    The landing is in the setback; the sitting area is a step down so it isn't part of the landing.
  • Brackets
    The roof brackets are decorative and functional. Posts were not allowed in the setback.
  • Rafter Tails
    A sweet pergola with custom rafter tails adds the finishing touch.
  • front view existing
    Before: Watch out for falling snow!

Our clients initially requested a roof over their front stoop to protect visitors from snow sliding off their solar panels. And while we were at it, could we also provide a place for them to sit and admire their wildflower garden? The challenge: the house sits on a curved street and the stoop was in the setback and couldn’t be enlarged.

“Steveworks listened to our scheduling needs and project expectations from beginning to end.”