After: Cabinets

Undoing a 1970’s Renovation

  • Before: Island and Cabinets
    Before: the 1970's era cabinets were in bad shape. The island made the large space feel small.
  • After: Island and Cabinets
    After: Beautiful alder cabinets have a space for everything. The island has the same footprint but is turned 90 degrees to aid circulation.
  • Before: Cabinets
    Before: An expanse of peeling, off-kilter cabinets, inadequate stove, ugly backsplash.
  • After: Cabinets
    After: Glass doors break up the expanse of cabinets. Uppers hold Passover dishes.
  • Cabinet Detail
    The homeowners' daughter, a professional baker, appreciates the 2nd oven, an electric convection model.
  • Upper Cabinet Detail
    The homeowners requested we incorporate accent tile they had been saving for decades into the backsplash. It wasn't easy finding the right background tile but we nailed it!
  • Stove and Tiles
    The new range and hood are more attractive and more functional.
  • Sink
    If you have the space, it's great to have a triple sink in a kosher kitchen.
  • Island Drawers
    The sleeker island has the same square footage and much more storage. Heat has been relocated from the bulky radiators to slim toe kick Runtals.
  • Desk
    The desk area was updated with cabinets to match the kitchen

We brought a 1970’s reno back to a style more in keeping with the rest of this gracious home.

Steve renovated a master bedroom and bathroom for us ten years ago and we were happy to have him return to do a second job….