Updating an Older Bath

We repurposed an odd closet between the bedroom and bath, turning it into a generous shower. New custom interior shutters provide privacy and light.

Controls are located near the shower door. A towel warmer and underfloor heat (plus generous insulation) replace the old radiator.

Sink wall after. The sink and toilet are old but the overall look is completely different.

The wall tile continues into the shower and the floor tile is a smaller version of the main floor tile, further expanding an already generous space.

Our client, a European family, wanted to change their bath’s look from clawfoot tub and hex tile floor to a more streamlined look.

Before and After

The old tub and clunky radiator are now gone. The homeowners retained the gracious pedestal sink.

Our clients wanted an uncluttered look. Note the “floating” bench and simple niche in a matching marble.

Before and After

Small square wainscot and hex tile floor.

The sink and toilet remain but the overall look is completely different.