Hero Pano (non pano)(3)

Zen Bath

  • ShevitzB4
    We started with a "classic" 1970's bath--small, with dark tile, harsh shadows, a non-functioning fan, zero insulation, and no natural light.
  • Hero Pano (non pano)(3)
    What a dramatic change in style and function! The footprint is the same, but the space feels much larger. New features include a body spray, Runtal towel warmer & electronic shower controls.
  • windos and plant
    We cut an opening in the wall to borrow light from the exterior window in the adjacent bedroom.
  • Vanity from shower
    The interior window, seen from inside the bath. Sconces set into the mirror visually extend the vanity, which is only 48” wide. The wood is bamboo, sustainable and adds to the "Zen" feeling.
  • niche detail
    Every detail is precisely aligned to maintain the sense of peace and order. The electronic controls, located near the shower door, allow the homeowner to turn on/adjust the water without getting wet.
  • drain & stone
    Bubble Moonstone accent tile pumps up a wavy white background without being jarring. The river rock shower and sand colored floor tile in the main area evoke the beach.
  • shower. closed jpg
    The shower is 6” wider than the old (blue) bathtub. We angled the corner of the shower glass to enhance the open feel. A curb-less entry and linear drain make the shower easily accessible.
  • vanity niche detail(touched)
    Closed storage in the vanity and medicine cabinet is supplemented by open niches for function and display.

The homeowner wanted a Zen, “beachy,” spa-like feel in her bath…a huge change from the former 70’s vibe! We used calm colors, soft lines and simple fixtures to achieve the look, feel and function that they desired.